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Reeths-Puffer Theatre Arts

Auditorium Information

Rocket Centre Auditorium Information

Public Information
East Entry on Roberts Rd
Box Office Located Just Inside Doors
Seating Capacity of 1,000 
Handicapped Accessible Seating and Restrooms  
Hearing Aid Devices Available Upon Request
Client Information
Spaces Available in Facility
*Theatre Classroom
*50x30 Rehearsal Hall with Seperate Sound & Lighting system
Includes Mirrors for Dance
*Choir Room
*Band Room
*20x15 Green Room
*35 Station Men & Women Dressing Rooms
*Scene Shop
*Loading Dock With Stage Access 
Stage Rigging
*Counter Weight Fly Rail Operating System SR
*5 Electrics Line sets
*Grand Traveler, Midstage Traveler, Rear Traveler
*26x50 Robins Egg Blue Sky Drop
*Adjustable 10' Deep Orchestra Pit
*Orchestra Shell
*Front and Rear Projection Screens
* 24x50 shimmer drop
*24x50 black sharks tooth scrim
Lighting Equipment
ETC Lighting & Unisom System with:
*ETC 250 Lighting Board
*3 Pin Stage Plug Outlets
*384 Outlets with 300 Dimmers Available
All Insturments are Altman Shakespeare
*60 Ellipsoidal 12 20 30 40 & 50 Lenses,
*35 Par 64's
*6 Batteries of Cyc Lights
*40 Fresnel with Barndoors
*Roscolux & Lee Gels
*Variety of Gobos
Sound Equipment
*24 Channel Ramsy Sound Board
*8 Area Mics
*15 Wireless Receivers
*2 Wireless Handheld Wand Mic's
*13 Wireless Headset or lapel Mics
*3 Corded SM 58 Mics
*4 Floor Mics
*6 Boom Stands
*2 Straight Tri Stands
*6 Straight Stands
*2 JBL Monitors
*4 Mackey Monitors
*2 Subwoofers
*4 Mackey Side Fills
Extra Information
*2 Followsopts
*Strobe Lighting
*Fog and Hazer Machines
*Mirror Ball
*Yamaha 8' Grand Piano
*Clavinova Electric Piano
*VHS & Computer Hooked-Up Available
*Stage Manager Panel Located SL & Booth

Director of Theatre- Mr. Trent Klairter 744-1647 x3503 or
Theatre Manager & Technical Director- David Dressel
744-1647 x3174
For Rocket Centre Information call Dave Dressel at 744-1647 x. 3174