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Reeths-Puffer Theatre Arts

Audition Form

Print this form and bring it to auditions

Audition Form

Write neatly


Name_____________________Parent’s Names____________________


Address_________________________________Phone #__________

                             (City, state, zip)


E-mail______________________ Cell or Pager #__________________


Parent E-mail___________________________________________ Vocal Range:                   S          A       T       B


Which role would you prefer?________________


Will you accept any role?__________________


Acting Experience:

          Role                       Play                       Company (school)






Special skills (gymnastics, juggling, fencing...)



Please Note

Rehearsals will be in the Rocket Centre on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3 to 6.  Transportation will not be provided.  Please list any known conflicts below.  Rehearsals begin Monday, October 17th.  The show runs November  17th – 20th.


(for high school only)

If you are not cast, please circle an area you would like to work on the production.


set        props    costumes           tickets      program        publicity                       make-up  

Break a Leg!!