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Fall Production

The Fall Production opens on Thur. Nov. 21 and will run until Nov. 24. Tickets are on sale Now!

Here is the list of Actors in the Play Les Miserables
Louise Turner, Guitar Player- Karen Mullane

Emma Mae- Cheri Kamerling 

Azalae, Prosecutor- Holly Herlein 

Fantine, Citizen- Linda Van Heule 

Sister Mary Barbara,
Factory Girl- Amy Geiser

Cosette, Woman- Laura Atwood 

Lyn Miller, Isabel Christy,
Cynthia Erikson- Veronica Gurra 

Elizabeth, Factory Girl,
Police, Sister Mary Jean- Amy Brink

Sunshine, Mrs. Rondo,
Factory Girl- Marina Diaz 

Mrs. Frances, Adele,
Police- Laurie Zimmer
Trial Spectators-
Karen, Cheri, Laura, Veronica, Laurie, Chris, Jay
Protestors- Karen, Cheri, Holly, Linda, Amy G., Veronica, Marina, Laurie, Chris, Gary, Adam B., Jay, Leisa, Lindsey, Erin and Mike A.
Party Dancers- Gary / Holly, Marc / Amy G., Nate / Veronica, Mike / Linda, Jay / Laurie, Adam B. / Cheri
Carl Turner, Gibbons, National Guard- Marc Thomas

Jean Valjean- Max Cherney

Det. Javert- Adam Swain 

Micheal, Man- Chris Damm 

Victor Hugo- Alex Cater 

Bernard, Police, Citizen, Judge, National Guard- Nate Sterling 

Charles Irwin, Freddy- Adam Barbrick

Henry- Gary Cross 

National Guard, Citizen- Jay Carlson

Director- Mr. Klairter
Theatre Manager- Dave Dressel
Stage Manager- Melissa Hoffman
Assistant Stage Manager- Jay Carlosen
Lighting Designer & Web Design-
                                  Nick Bessinger

S.M. Melissa Hoffman

L.D. Nick Bessinger

For more information please call T. Klairter at 744-1647 ext. 3173 or 
 E-mail us at